Categorization of services provided by forex signals provider

25 Mar

Before services of the forex signals are discussed, it must be clear what these forex signals services are. On the basis of currency and time a particular suggestion is provided by the service providers for entering into a trade. These signals are generate for both, beginners and experienced traders. These are therefore called forex trade signals. A person can generate these signals themselves or these are provided by the service providers. Communication means used by the trade service providers are fast and efficient. They avoid any delay of communication with the subscriber. They use electronic mailing option, twitter, RSS feeds and Short multimedia messages. Forex signal service providers offer various types of suggestions to their subscribers.

Various categories of trading forex services signals

These suggestions of signals not necessarily paid. Depending on the type of suggestion asked and the time and price calculations it can be a free signal or may have some charges.

Sometimes one single service provider is responsible for providing the trade signals to the subscribers. These signals are generated by various means. In some conditions a personal analysis is more than enough to generate a forex trade signal. Algorithm analysis is also used by one provider. In both cases forex signals generated are paid. You have to pay for this service.

Another paid service for providing the signals is the multiple systems of trade service sources. Many systems and sources provide suggestions for the trade to a single subscriber. It is a good method to aggregate signals from multiple sources to assure the guaranteed signal. Subscribers feel comfortable with these types of paid signals.

Not only the personal analysis and multiple systems are sources but trading software is the efficient way of generating signals. This software is installed on the trader’s computers and generates any type of required forex signal on demand. These computers or devices are called forex robots.


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